How Long Does it Take for Physical Therapy to Work?

A good physical therapist will track progress and check if gaining range of motion, function & strength. Generally takes 6-8 weeks for soft tissue healing & typical physical therapy program lasts about that long.

How Long Does it Take for Physical Therapy to Work?

A good physical therapist will track your progress and check to see if you're gaining in range of motion, function and strength. Generally, it will take six to eight weeks for soft tissue to heal, meaning a typical physical therapy program will last about that long. Although the precise determination of how long it will take patients to see results varies, the duration of the consultations themselves is relatively constant. You can expect a typical physical therapy session to last about an hour and to remain stable throughout the program.

However, your first physical therapy session may be longer, as your physical therapist will want to explain the program to you, assess where you are in the healing process, and determine if you need pain relief. In a typical physical therapy session, the physical therapist will assess your pain and work hard to help you regain full control of the injured body part. My patient reported initial relief with the surgery, but he continues to have leg pain and abnormal sensitivity, so his doctor referred him back to physical therapy to manage postoperative recovery. Your physical therapist can help you transition to your normal home exercise program to prevent future problems related to your condition.

Physical therapy can be used to treat and control a variety of conditions, including back and neck pain, stiff joints and muscles, and soft tissue injuries. Look, I know that all physical therapists (and other health professionals) practice within the strict limits of insurance regulations, and sometimes these regulations seem unfair. Any of these therapies could be included in your individualized rehabilitation program and treatment sessions. While the long-term goal of your physical therapy program is for you to recover and not feel pain, you should keep in mind that physical therapy itself won't always make you feel good.

Physical therapy costs vary depending on several factors, depending on the type of injury you have and the type of therapy you need. When this happens, your physical therapist and the clinic you attend may be able to work with you to establish the appropriate payment for the continuation of your physical therapy services. The physical therapists at Primal Physical Therapy are experts in their field and treat each patient with kindness and respect. Physical therapy is provided by qualified health professionals and uses a variety of techniques to help promote health and well-being.

In general, you should attend physical therapy until you achieve your physical therapy goals or until you and your therapist decide that your condition is serious enough that you need to reassess your goals. Either way, the Primal Physical Therapy team will ensure that you fully recover from your ankle sprain and return to your routine as soon as possible. My patient told me that physical therapy never made him feel better and, in fact, he occasionally went away feeling worse.